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repair F24 Series  TELECRANEUSA

                 Durable nylon-fiber housing for extra shock                resistance..

             • Low power consumption with 2 AA batteries                (last up to 2   months in normal operation)

             • Operating range up to 100 meters

             • Programmable function setting through                 Windows-based software.

             • Economic efficiency, ease of operation.

             • Pre-wiring standard cable making wiring                 procedures easier.

             • 100% compatible components reducing stock                 of spare part.

                Safety features:  

               4.3 billion unique ID code 

              Hamming code

               enhanced watch-dog circuit

General Specification

Operating Temp.

-35oC  ~  +80oC

Maximum Range

100 M

TX power supply

2 AA size Alkaline batteries

RX power supply

AC 24/48/110/220/380 V

DC 24 V

Protection class

IP 65 Industrial standard

ID Code

4.3 billion (32 bit)

Hamming code distance

> 4

TX Dimension & Weight

186 x 61 x 51 mm  Apprx. 255g (w/o batteries)

RX Dimension & Weight

200x162x107mm   Apprx.1220g (w/o cable)